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An immersive art app, re-creating two
communities that no longer exist.

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An immersive art
app, reconstructed
from historical
records, set in
postwar vancouver.

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Hotel Vancouver

At the centre of town, the

a decrepit grand dame repurposed as a
temporary hostel for returning
servicemen. Here, ex-soldiers mingle
with telegraph-operating bookies,
parrot-feeding shoplifters with
scheming front deskmen.

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Hogan's alley

In the more industrial east end,

an equally improvisatory immigrant
neighbourhood renowned for its beer
garden, bawdy house and gambling den.

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Like the residents of this historic
city, users are free to move between
this once-refined Edwardian hotel and
its frontier relic counterpart.

Hotel. Alley.
The game is the same,
but the players vary.

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Travel down hallways and across
ballrooms, along laneways and
through back doors.

There is life in these spaces,
conversations, games.

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Ghosts of a city caught between
good and bad, right and wrong.

And where there is life, apparitions
appear. Move towards them; they have
something to say.

Welcome to vancouver -
Circa 1948.

History will not be silent.